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Nicole Kidman best actress at London theatre awards

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and James McAvoy took home the top prizes at this year’s London Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

‘1st Londoners were a multi-ethnic mix’


A DNA analysis of four ancient Roman skeletons found in London shows the first inhabitants of the city were a multi-ethnic mix similar to contemporary Londoners, the Museum of London said on Monday.

GM mosquitoes to help block malaria

Scientists have created a strain of mosquitoes capable of rapidly introducing malaria-blocking genes into a mosquito population through its progeny, ultimately eliminating the insects’ ability to tran

More tests on Tut’s tomb in search of Nefertiti

The burial mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun

Egypt said on Monday it will conduct more tests this week in search of a hidden chamber in King Tutankhamun’s tomb that a British archaeologist believes may be the burial place of Queen Nefertiti.

Sense of taste comes from brain, not tongue

Representational image

The ability to perceive the five basic tastes — sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savoury) — is hardwired in our brains, according to scientists who were able to switch taste on and off through br

Columbus is not to blame for syphilis in Europe

Christopher Columbus. (Picture Courtesy: AP)

Syphilis was widespread in central Europe even before Christopher Columbus’ famous voyage to America, say scientists who have identified several cases of the disease in Austria dating back to as early

Scientists grow mini-intestine in test tube for health research


Scientists have grown a mini-intestine just a quarter of a millimetre across in a test tube that exhibits functions of the human intestine and can be used for nutritional research.

Cross-dressing, girlfriend stealing are all in genes


Genes are responsible for making a different type of male ruff, a bird that breeds in Eurasia and winters in Africa, according to a new study.

Swiss farmer finds trove of Roman coins in orchard

In one of the largest discoveries of ancient coins in Switzerland, a farmer has helped unearth more than 4,100 bronze and silver Roman coins dating between 270 and 294 AD in his cherry orchard.

Are countries which have not been responsible over decades, perhaps even over centuries, for huge greenhouse gas emissions, promoting global warming now obliged to cut on their CO2 emissions in global

ISIS, or more accurately Daesh, is a creation of multiple forces – its seeds were sown by America during its Cold War confrontation against the erstwhile Soviet Union, it has been nurtured well since